Introducing New State Grange Youth Directors

Tatsmawee!  That is a Native American Greeting for the start of a day.  This is a new start for a new day in the Oregon State Youth Program.  Our State Master, Susan Noah asked my wife, Clare, and me to be your new State Youth Directors.  For those of you who do not know us, I would like to take a moment to introduce us to you.

I have been a Granger for just about as long as I can remember.  I attended Junior Grange Camp when it was held in Central Oregon.  I grew up in Clatsop County.  I still call Astoria my home, as my parents reside on the family farm.  Clare and I have 8 children.  Yes, I did say 8.  We have five adult children who we raised in the Grange and who now have families of their own.  Seven years ago, we adopted three boys from the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.  We are very active within the Tribal Community and enjoy participating in tribal activities and events.  Although not all of our adult children continue to be Grange members, they do have fond memories of various Junior, Youth, and State Session events.  Our three boys are all Youth age, and participate in our Pomona Youth events.  Our family also includes two of our grandsons, who reside with us.  One is 9 and the other is 6.  So, not only do we have Youth members within our family unit, we have Juniors.

Having served on the Youth Committee as the District 6 Chairman under Paul and Cathy Daily, and continuing in service under Ed Luttrell, I am well versed in the Youth Program in general.  For 7 years I served as the State Junior Director and Camp Director.  During my Junior Director years is when I sucked my wife Clare in to Grange.  Having grown up in East Portland, Clare had never heard of Grange.  She, like most, thought this was an organization strictly for farmers.  I can still recall her thoughts and comments after her first introduction to the Grange.  She thought we were “nuts.”  Well, those thoughts didn’t linger for long, as she became active in our local Grange serving as Ceres, Deaf Activities Chairman, Community Service Chairman, and Flora in our Pomona.

Throughout the years I have held every office that a person of the male gender can hold within Grange.  I was also Pomona Master of Union Pomona for 4 years, and a State Deputy for 2 years.  Currently I serve as the Chaplain for Columbia Grange 867, and Clare serves as our Flora.  Clare has served on both the Deaf Activities Committee and on the State Lecturer’s Committee as the District 6 Chairman.  I have recently stepped down as the District 6 Legislative Chairman to accept the Co-Youth Director’s position.

One of my proudest times, was serving as your Oregon State Gatekeeper for 2 terms.  I am, however, most proud of being named the National Grange’s Outstanding Young Adult in 1991 in Burlington Vermont. So, as you can see that Clare and I are active members within the Grange circle, and we look forward to serving the Oregon State Grange.

Currently, we are building our Youth Team, and will be distributing the Youth Handbook information in the very near future.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments.  We are here to make a positive program for Oregon Grangers.

Best Wishes for Successful Service
Scot & Clare Jacobson

Announcing Social Media Ambassador Internship

The Communications team of the Oregon State Grange announces an internship for a Grange youth who is interested in social media and marketing. For requirements, expectations, and the application procedure, see Social Media Ambassador.

The application deadline is November 15, 2014.

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2014 State Session


State Youth Officers who opened State Session Thursday morning at Redmond










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