Announcing Social Media Ambassador Internship

The Communications team of the Oregon State Grange announces an internship for a Grange youth who is interested in social media and marketing. For requirements, expectations, and the application procedure, see Social Media Ambassador. The application deadline is October 7, 2014.

Join the Grange

Not yet a member? Print this brochure, fill out the application form, and give it to your local Grange. If you don’t know who to give it to, send it to:
Oregon State Grange
643 Union Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

The youth program is for teenagers, young adults and young couples aged 14 to 35 years, but many of our contests and activities are  open to members of all ages.

The Oregon State Grange Youth program has two primary directives:

  1. Develop new leaders and provide them opportunities for personal growth.
  2. Create a program that underscores our fraternal values of honesty, integrity and compassion for the benefit of all humanity.

The first objective is met through various programs diverse enough that all youth should find a vehicle to personal growth that is meaningful to them. To mention a few…

  • Annual Oregon State Grange Session (State Youth Officers)
  • Regional Conferences
  • Annual National Grange Session
  • Ambassador Program
  • John Trimble Legislative Experience
  • District Representatives on State Youth Team
  • Achievement Award Program
  • Mentoring older Junior Grange members to assist their transition into the Youth Program

Through participation in the programs developed by the National and Oregon State Grange, youth will develop critical thinking skills, parliamentary procedure knowledge, public speaking skills, mentoring and other life skills. Development of these skills will shape our youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

The second objective is met through youth engaging in various community projects that support other organizations seeking to aid the welfare of others. The friendships youth enjoy during these efforts brings fellowship into their lives, something for which the Grange has always been known.

The rewards are many and the work light when many hands participate. Join the youth at their next event to learn about the opportunities available to you and how the Grange can enrich your life and have a good splash of fun to boot.

 2014 State Session

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Youth and Young Adults

These programs are for youth and young adults ages 14-35

Apathy Not Allowed

State Youth Officers


Oregon Young Adult

Oregon Teenager Award

Annual Youth Supported Charity

Youth Parliamentary Procedure Contest

Grange Jeopardy

 Distinguished Youth Program

National Grange Youth Officer Team

Horizon Leadership Ambassador Program

John Trimble Youth Legislative Experience

National Youth Leadership Award

Right on Target Youth Committee Award

National Youth Achievement Awards


Open to All Grangers

The Youth Department sponsors these programs and activities that are open to all members regardless of age.

Youth Committee

District 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 6

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